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Crew management

Crew Management

 SHIPAL Maritime ventures provides crew management services to third-party clients.  

Repair team/ Flying squad

Repair Team / Flying Squad

Emigrate of Non-Seafarers : Technicians, Surveyors & Ship Security staff.

SHIPAL facilitates E Migrate data filing for Companies who are neither RPSL or Shipowners/ companies who do not have access to the recently launched DG Shipping’s E Migrate system.

SHIPAL ensures that the labour and social standards applicable for such persons ashore are protected, including appropriate insurance cover & Financials guarantees in place, in compliance with DG Shipping requirements.

We ensure that the living and working facilities provided to these persons on board are separate & in addition to the cost of the facilities being provided to the regular officers and crew of the vessel.

Seafarer Recruitment

Seafarer Recruitment

Our highly experienced manning personnel have a reputation for supporting seafarers which has enabled the company to develop a good pool of officers and crew. Our extensive database assists the company in responding to client requests in a relevant and timely manner.

We use stringent search and selection methods to ensure that our employees not only have the required professional qualifications, but also the required personality and language skills. In addition, we are fully committed to the professional development and education of all staff.



We assign crew to vessels based on our standards for the position, the client requirements, crew qualifications and experience.  We cater for contract, day-rate and finders fee crewing solutions. 

Training and Development

Training and Development System

Typically we provide training to our seafarer as per our client requirements. Training outside the training matrix can be arranged at the request or approval of the client. All of our training is recorded and monitored.

Structured training and development programmes ensure that crew skills and knowledge are continuously updated in line with changing legislation and industry demands.



We have the facilities to provide full payroll services, including:

  • Organize payroll for multiple companies.
  • Record earnings and deductions.
  • Assign payments via bank transfer, cash or cheque
  • Calculate gross to net based on local, national and international requirements
  • Assist with tax implications.