About Us

We are a one-stop solution to your shipping requirements


SHIPAL MARITIME VENTURES has been established with a vision to provide one-stop solution to a variety of Shipping requirements. The Company provides world wide shipping services through their own expertise and associates.

The Company has all types of Indian Government & DG Shipping Approvals & Registration and conduct all lawful activities.

As part of the SHIPAL MARITIME VENTURES LLP, we offer our services to ship owners around the globe, serving all types and sizes of ships. 

What We Do

SHIPAL brings extensive years of learning and experience to all aspects of following Services :

  1. Ship management
  2. Technical Services and Commercial Operations.
  3. Repair team & Flying Squad for all types of Ship Board Repairs & Services.
  4. To make arrangement & provide for global repair services to shipowners in any part of the world.
  5. Arrangement for highly Technical Services of any nature at any port.
  6. Ship Security Staff ( Non-Seafarers)
  7. Crew Management
  8. Education and Training of Seafarers

Our Expertise

We can arrange for highly technical services of any nature at any port.

We create time – time for our clients to concentrate on making market decisions to increase the earning capacity of their ships – whilst we ensure their safety and optimal physical condition through the application of scientific, knowledge-based, independent management practices. 

Alongside comprehensive ship management services, SHIPAL offers a suite of complementary maritime solutions that are customized to meet individual customer requirements. 

Focused on enabling business partners to achieve their objectives through the application of knowledge, experience and innovation, our commitment to every customer is:

  • Maximum vessel availability
  • Safety & Reliability
  • Efficiency to achieve higher income at the lowest possible operating cost. 
  • Protection of reputation through integrity.
  • Full compliance and a top quartile safety and performance record 
  • Transparency and ready access to vessel information through proprietary ‘Customer Web Access’ software​.